Cornflower is taking a cappella to new heights with his “21st Century Soul Music”. With influences ranging from Phish to Michael Jackson and Al Jarreau to Björk, Cornflower’s music is a mix of experimental soul, world-funk, jam & electronica with a delicate balance of structure and improvisation. He has shared stages with the likes of Michael Franti & Spearhead, Bobby McFerrin, Victor Wooten, Jeff Pevar, Mike Love, Indubious, Jai-Jagdeesh, Elijah Ray, Alice DiMicele, Matthew Schoening and more. After his debut album “Journey Into Sound” in 2009, culled from improvisational performances from his concerts and festival appearances, his new studio single, “Monks on Main Street” produced by Bret Levick (Gifthorse), is his most focused and potent material to date. Cornflower blends genres creating uplifting sonic landscapes with his all-vocal live-looping lasagne!
Music Experiences
Solo Concert Experience

Cornflower’s one-man band concert experience uses ‘all-vocal instrumentation’ using ‘live-looping’ and ‘beatboxing’ to set your body in motion to his soaring melodies and atmospheric grooves that are looped right before your eyes.

Cornflower’s mission is to channel music that inspires, empowers and uplifts people into presence and connection with themselves and to each other, creating a community of inspired individuals living their purpose.

Vocal Yoga

YouMeWe is an Ecstatic Vocal Yoga Experience for all ages that assists the individual to uncover and harness their authentic voice in a “mistake-free-zone” and develop more inspiring, conscious, heart-centered relationships with themselves and their Community.

One of the simplest and most direct ways of praying and meditating is through singing and singing in community is exceptionally powerful.” ~ Bobby McFerrin

Sound Meditation

The TimeSpace Sound Meditation is an improvised & channeled vocal sound immersion, meant to help bring the listener into an immediate connection with the present moment by bringing awareness to their breath and body awareness.

Using vocal instrumentation and live looping, Cornflower takes you on a journey along a sonic landscape, infused with intentional ambient and downtempo movements that are both meditative, healing and shamanic.

“Monks on Main Street” Single by Cornflower

“Oceanwater” featuring Jeff Pevar

“TimeSpace Sound Meditation”

Sound is the medicine of the future.”
– Edgar Cayce
Monks on Main Street
Music Lyric Video
Ecstatic Vocal Yoga
Sound Meditation
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