Full Moon Solstice Live Stream on June 20th!

Come celebrate the Full Moon Solstice with us as we drop into another Live Stream Concert together on Monday June 20th at 7pm PT/10pm ET!

Full Moon Solstice synchronizations are a profound launching pad of potential… A solar/lunar alignment like this amplifies our intentions and energy.

Come tap into this amplified field as we join with a growing global community of FlowerSeeds and open to the sacred sound current flowing through this soul-filled musical medicine.

As always, it is free and for children of All Ages. You can watch from any internet-connected device on my live stream page.

I will be performing one set of music that will run 60 minutes in length.

Gather your friends and family around an internet-connected device, wherever you are and tune in for a “magical moment of music“.

Tune in live on the webcast via the Live Stream @ 7pm PT / 10pm ET: http://cflow.co/cflow-livestream

The show will begin at 7pm PT/10pm ET. I will perform one set of music that will run for 60 minutes (or so)!

It is such an honor to be building a global movement around the Full Moon cycle through Music & Community. We get to join together in the music and share via live chat, allowing us to connect in real time.

Join Me On Monday June 2oth @ 7pm PT

How To Watch The Live Stream

You can watch & participate in the Full Moon Live Stream Concert directly from your computer or device. At 7pm PDT go to my Concert Window page at: https://www.concertwindow.com/cornflowermusic

Make sure you go to my Concert Window page now and sign up as a Fan, and follow my Page so you will be notified when the webcast goes live!

Listen to past Full Moon Live Stream Concerts

Watch “Sipapu” from the 7/31 Full Moon Live Stream Concert

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