The next Full Moon Live Stream is January 23rd!

Join us for the first Full Moon Live Stream Concert of 2016 on Saturday January 23rd at 7pm PT/10pm ET.!The show will begin at 7pm PT/10pm ET. I will perform one set of music that will run for 60 minutes (or so)!

Gather your friends and family around an internet-connected device, wherever you are and tune in for a “magical moment of music”.

It is such an honor to be building a global movement around the Full Moon cycle through Music & Community. We get to join together in the music and share via live chat, allowing us to connect in real time.

Join Me On Saturday January 23rd @ 7pm PT

How To Watch The Live Stream

You can watch & participate in the Full Moon Live Stream Concert directly from your computer or device. At 7pm PDT go to my Concert Window page at:

Make sure you go to my Concert Window page now and sign up as a Fan, and follow my Page so you will be notified when the webcast goes live!

Listen to the 9/27 Full Moon Live Stream Concert

Watch “Sipapu” from the 7/31 Full Moon Live Stream Concert

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