The next Full Moon Live Stream is December 25th!

Join us for a FREE CHRISTMAS DAY FULL MOON Live Stream Concert as we come together with family to celebrate the blessings of Life through Music! The show will begin Friday December 25th at 7pm PT/10pm ET. I will perform one set of music that will run for 60 minutes (or so)!

I love it when these Full Moon events line up with special dates and holidays. I am inspired to share in this Christmas-themed! I hope you, your friends and family will join me for this night of music in celebration and gratitude for the mystery of this incredible Life!

If you haven’t yet joined in on a live stream Full Moon Concert, they are such joyous celebrations of Life through Music & Community. We get to join together in the music and share via live chat, allowing us to connect in real time.

Join Me On Friday December 25th @ 7pm PT

How To Watch The Live Stream

You can watch & participate in the TimeSpace New Moon Sound Meditation directly from your computer or device. At 6pm PDT go to my Concert Window page at:

Make sure you go to my Concert Window page now and sign up as a Fan, and follow my Page so you will be notified when the webcast goes live!

Listen to the 9/27 Full Moon Live Stream Concert

Watch “Sipapu” from the 7/31 Full Moon Live Stream Concert

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