The Next TimeSpace New Moon Sound Meditation is on September 12th

I am inspired to invite you to the next TimeSpace New Moon Live Stream Sound Meditation on Saturday September 12th at 6pm PT.

Event Description

The purpose for this New Moon Sound Meditation is to use the technology of live streaming to unite us from around the world into a focused sound meditation to harness our personal intentions aligned with our collective intentions towards manifesting the highest good in all our creations, relations and peace into our world.

The live stream will begin at 6pm PDT and run for 30 minutes.

It is FREE and available to ALL with an internet connection. All you need is access to the web or a smartphone/tablet to view.

Note: We recommend using external speakers on your computer or headphones on your mobile devices to support a higher quality sound experience!

How To Watch The Live Stream

You can watch & participate in the TimeSpace New Moon Sound Meditation directly from your computer or device. At 6pm PDT go to my Concert Window page at:

Make sure you go to my Concert Window page now and sign up as a Fan, and follow my Page so you will be notified when the webcast goes live!

Event Flow

  • Welcome

  • Introduction

  • Intention Setting

  • Sound Meditation

  • Completion

Watch Video of 7/15 TimeSpace Sound Meditation

Listen & Download the 7/15 TimeSpace Sound Meditation

Concert Window FAQ

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