8/29/2015 Full Moon Live Stream Release

The soundboard recording from my 8/29/2015 Full Moon Live Stream Concert and Birthday Celebration is now available for FREE as a “Name Your Price” digital download.

It includes 4 original songs, including an opening “Star Funk Improv”, a patient and powerful 15+ minute “Journey Into Sound”, the new jam launch pad “Shuffle Shake” and a smoking rendition of “Monks On Main Street”.

Set: Star Funk Improv, Journey Into Sound, Shuffle Shake, Monks on Main Street

I invite you to listen, download and share with those you feel could benefit from this music medicine.

Download & Listen Now

Here are some reviews from those in attendance:

Blown away…. known he has talent, but really he has morphed into such an amazing movement of sound, through all his senses to us. LOVED IT!

So Thankful this format is possible…since, I’m too far to make every Full/New Moon! Very Healing….

What a fantastic show.. wow.. Thank you Cornflower for such an inspiring sound experience!

I loved every aspect of the performance! Rockin good times!

It was much needed music for the soul!



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