“Do All Things With Kindness” #MusicMonday

Happy #MusicMonday everyone! I’m really inspired to share with you a clip from my rehearsal yesterday I have titled “Do All Things With Kindness”.

This clip was originally shared as a part of a new online community called the “Society for Spontaneous Singing” aka SSS. Their mission is to “help singers unleash their voices—and to grow a network of vocal improvisers around the world.”

Each week they post a new singing idea or “prompt” that goes out to those on the list. Then those who feel inspired record their song and post it to Soundcloud where it is shared with the SSS Soundcloud Group.

Without further adieu, here is my offering “Do All Things With Kindness”.

If you are a vocalist or wanting to open your voice, check out their website and learn more about the Society for Spontaneous Singing.



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love this! and love the idea of a “Society for Spontaneous Singing” – guess this is another awesome online thing I’ll have to dip my toes into! <3

I know. It was born from two guys who met I believe through the “Spontaneous Inventions” Bobby McFerrin Masterclass. Definitely join in! Would love to have you a part of it! Stoked you liked the clip. Thanks @Sitka!

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