March 2013 Full Moon Update

Greetings FlowerSeeds, to the very first Full Moon Update.

Here we are in the beautiful month of March, also within the Solar Moon, the ninth moon of the 13-Moon Calendar. This full moon is called many names… the Worm Moon, Sap Moon, Chaste Moon, Crow Moon, Lenten Moon & Egg Moon.

The last you heard, I was entering into a sabbatical from music in October 2012. For many reasons I needed to simplify and return inward for nourishment, creating space & clarity, to reconnect with who I truly am.

This Full Moon Update video goes deeper into all of that, so I hope you take a moment to watch and receive. Please share with anyone you think may benefit from it.

With all the love I can muster in this moment… I AM YOU!




Cornflower and Simba

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Comments (5)

Loved sipping my coffee with you on this smiling video chaste moon. Cheers!

Thanks Lori for sharing this moment with me/we! It feels good to be connected in with everyone again. 1Love. 😉

Lushootseed Starchild

Cornflower You Rock BroStar, I Love your Sabbitcal Stand and Bless 7 coming upon 8Infinite Years together, such a blessing…Grateful your connected to the 13Moon Calender and truly feel this is your calling and 😀 and your vibs, very high and blessed,I can call you a BroStar not because your a musician but because of your heart condition, gotta meet your better half, she’s done a wonderful job as a wife, and In i was wanting to talk about Metta language and ChakRa Music, maybe one day connect for some advice>”?” 😀 I’ll supply dinner or something in exchange to hangout one day in the year 1213 😀

Lushootseed Starchild

1Luv 1 <3 RainBow Bles-Sings, Namaste'

Beautiful…thanks for your presence.

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