A New Years Message from Cornflower

Cornflower & Nikita (TeamCornflower) @ Wanderlust Festival California - Giving GratitudeBigHeartLove from myself and all of TeamCornflower here at TONEHOME HQ!

What an outstanding and transformational year 2011 has been. This year saw me opening for Michael Franti & Spearhead, while also performing at Joshua Tree Music Festival, High Sierra Music Festival, Wanderlust Festival in California, Peace Village Festival, the Arkayik Revival and Earthdance Festival. We are so grateful to have joined in an alliance with Righteous Sound Productions and the band Indubious.

We had an amazing tour from Halloween to Thanksgiving taking me from Portland to Eugene, Ashland to San Francisco and back. I got to play alongside many amazing up and coming musicians along the way.

Check out the “BEST OF 2011” Music Videos

I am SO grateful for all of the support and all of the new energy that has emerged from all of the new fans and supporters. This is not possible without your support.

May we all take a deep moment of reflection and contemplation about what we want to create in this New Year that has been prophesied for thousands of years. 2012 is a doorway, where it takes us is up to our collective choice, the dream that we all dream together. What kind of world do you want? Where do you want to be a year from now?

2012 & Living Prophecy

What a profound time to be alive! As we move into the year of 2012, there is a wave of excitement and in some cases fear about the year 2012 and what it means. I have been investigating the cycles of time since 2000, and from my studies, 2012 is not the end of the world, but more the end of an era, and the birthing of a new one. This time has been called Apocalypse, which means to “stand revealed”. If you parallel this definition with what is happening in our world, you will notice a pattern with WikiLeaks, The Occupy Movement, and many of the major issues coming to light, especially in regards to money and energy.
I have found that 2012 and what this means to us, to humanity, is really up to what we want it to be. With our combined vision and love anything is possible. I believe 2012 is a moment of empowerment for us all to awaken to our highest potential, as Self, but most importantly connected and engaged to your community both locally and globally. Where each one of us realizes that everything we experience is our Creation, and so we must align our visions to that which serves our Self and the collective in alignment with the Highest Good.
Here is a video and some websites that I find very informative and help catalyze the power of 2012.

VIDEO: Eden Sky – 2012 We Are the Living Prophecy

More from Eden Sky…

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Crucial, daily mantras assisting humanity to awaken to our highest potential.

Foundation for the Law of Time

Galactic Beam
by 13:20 Frequency Shift Blog

Peace2012 – A Moment of Peace

We Are Grateful to be in Circle with You…
Happy Holidays & a Happy NOW Year
Over and Out from TONEHOME HQ //
Ashland OR, Siskiyou-Klamath Bioregion, West Coast USA, EARTH!

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Sacred Brother, & Sister,
It is with a most grateful heart to be witness to how large your Light-Love has grown!
This year has been amazing in so many ways for our world the good the not so good and then the all out Brightest Lights Shining sharing Heart’s; Spirit family you, remind me why it is, I want to be all of what,
 (I AM) Thank you for that ~~~~~~~~~~Hearts flow~~~To~~~Hearts~~~~1Tribe

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