12/14/2013 | Skylight Room, Ashland, OR

Saturday, 12/14/2013

Skylight Room (Hidden Springs Wellness Center), Ashland, OR

Set 1: Rhythmic Improv -> Sipapu Adagio > In The Moment, Monks on Main Street [1], Instrument!* [1], YouMeWe, OMA > Journey into Sound

Set 2: Lady Love[2], You Are the Medicine* [1][3], Tree Man* [1], Oceanwater [4], Do You Know [5]

Encore: Heartshine II -> Awaken

[1] Debut.
[2] Deee Lite “What Is Love” Teases.
[3] Featuring Evton B & SkipWicked of Indubious.
[4] Featuring Jeff Pevar.
[5] Featuring Inger Jorgensen & Jeff Pevar.

The live recording from this show is now available as a live album titled #AnEveningWithCornflower.


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